Freedom tracks, a documentary film directed by Leila Audrey Pagès

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"Freedom Tracks", a documentary journey guided by horses

A documentary film to explore the bond between horses and humans

Across Europe and America, many are exploring new ways of communicating between horses and humans, finding true, authentic connection.

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Horses have been helping humans for thousands of years. Without the horses, our civilizations as we know it wouldn't exist. Today, even if their physical strength have been replaced by machines, horses still fascinate us and are an integral part of our lives.

Remember dreaming as a child of riding on one of these wonderful creatures, feeling entirely free?

Unfortunately, the reality of modern horse-riding is very different to the dream. So often horses are isolated and confined to stalls where physical accidents are frequent. As prey and predator trying to form a partnership, horses and humans often have difficulty in understanding each other and in communicating effectively, which causes suffering and serious damage on both sides.

So how can we fulfill our dreams of freedom and true partnership?

Across Europe and America, many are exploring new ways of communicating between horses and humans, finding true, authentic connection.

Equus, Fim Festival
In 2017, Freedom Tracks won the
Equestrian Inspirational Documentary Award
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Canadian Avant-première organized by the Equine Center Le Chevignon (St-Jude, QC), followed by a discussion with the Director (in French).
Saturday November 25, 2017
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Freedom Tracks will be on tour in France, Belgium, Canada, United States and Costa Rica in 2018.
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The Speakers


Coming from differents countries and different backgrounds, these specialists share with us their insights on our relationship with horses.

Sylvain Gillier - Imbs (France)

Sylvain Gilliers-Imbs (France), physician specialized ind equine therapy Medical doctor specialized in equitherapy, Sylvain offers workshops with horses in France and United States through his facility Equintessence. He explains how equi-coaching can significantly improve treatment of depressive disorders.
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Carine Thiran (Belgium)

Carine Thiran (Belgium), Veterinarian Equine Therapist Veterinarian Equine Therapist specialized in equine ethology (animal behavior) and intuitive communication, Carine also practices shamanism and vocal therapy. Outside rider, she also offers horseback trail ride on her facility in Belgium. she will tell us about the importance of emotional messages and body movement in communicating with horses.
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Ludovic Fournet (France)

Ludovic Fournet (France), Natural Horsemanship horse trainer Trainer in Natural Horsemanship. Previously a high level competitor in horse endurance and performance shows, today Ludovic practices and teaches Natural Horsemanship, a method of training based on horse behavior, natural communication and "horse language". He emphasizes what we humans have to practice in ordrer to train and ride a horse in a true, mutually beneficial partnership.
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Carole Lacroix (Quebec)

Carole Lacroix (Quebec), Natural Horsemanship teacher Natural Horsemanship instructor.
After training "troubled" horses for about fifteen years, Carole took her learning from the horses into ways of helping humans. Carole describes the natural behavior of horses and the importance of managing our own emotions when practising Natural Horsemanship methods.
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Debbie Draves Legg & Sally Nilsson
(Costa Rica)

Debbie Draves Legg & Sally Nilsson (Costa Rica), Equine Experiential Learning Facilitators Equine Experiential Learning Facilitators. A former nurse and committed nature-lover, Debbie Draves Legg created Leaves and Lizards as a place where people can come to reconnect to each other, nature and themselves. An intuitive executive coach and life-long horse-lover, Sally Nilsson left her high-powered corporate attorney job in London to support people in finding balance and rediscovering their zest for life. Both equine experiential learning facilitators, Debbie and Sally offer transformative personal development retreats with their horse herd.
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Elsa Sinclair (United States)

Elsa Sinclair (United States), Natural Horsemanship teacher Horse Trainer & Movie Director.
In her documentary movie Taming Wild, Elsa intends to create a relationship with a wild mustang mare without using any restraining tools, to see if she will let her ride on her back. Thanks to that experience, she develops her own approach called Freedom Based Training, in which she develops the concept of passive leadership taught by her mustang mare.
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Linda Kohanov (United States, Arizona)

Debbie Draves Legg & Sally Nilsson (Costa Rica), Equine Experiential Learning Facilitators Author, Conference speaker & Equine Coach. Founder of Eponaquest Worldwide, Linda Kohanov is a well known innovator in the Equine Facilitated Learning field and a respected author. She spent more than twenty years researching on the origins of our relationship with horses, wrote six books and teaches the way of the horse all around the world.
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Along the way I have met many other great personalities and made new friends who have much wisdom to share about the way of the horse and on horse/human interaction.

Further wisdom, experiences and thoughts on equine communication from leaders in the field, including:
Frederic Pignon
Pierre Enoff
Brigitte Benoist
Leila Audrey Pagès, equine photographer and director


Leila Audrey Pagès,
equine photographer and director

Leila Audrey Pagès, equine photographer and director

Horses have always been my inspiration and image my way of communicating.

Immersed with horses from a young age, I always looked for a different way of communicating with my horse friends from what was taught in “classical” horse riding schools.

I was fascinated by the native philosophies and sought out many different experiences with horses to understand them better. But after fifteen years of intensive practice of countless traditional horse riding disciplines in France, I was fed up. Fed up of being constrained by the classical world of classic horse riding. Fed up of treating the horse like a bike; a slave who works all day long like a convict and comes back to his cell at the end of the day. Fed up of twisting myself into new positions to obtain ever-more technical feats from the horse. Shooting It wasn't what I was looking for. So I left the horses world for a few years, during which I explored my second passion: creative image. Obtaining a video editor diploma, I worked for a number of TV channels (including Equidia, a channel about horses).

Leila Audrey Pagès, equine photographer and director

Then, in 2012, it was time for a change. I immigrated to Canada and thanks to a new job in a Natural Horsemanship Facility, I again found myself immerged in the horse world. Natural Horsemanship is an ethical, natural horse riding and training method, based on communication with, and the respect for, the horse. I was fascinated and undertook an intensive training and teaching course. During the two years I spent here, I started to see what real authenticity looks like in this relationship between two species.

Shooting in France That's when I started my pilgrimage: going deeper into the understanding of these wonderful creatures, to discover the secrets behind our close relationship over so many years and the key to the bond that links them to us and us to them. My research has taken me throughout Europe, as well as North, South and Central America, seeking answers to how humans an horses can have a more harmonious relationship and what does that relationship offer? My discoveries were even more surprising than I thought!

once he is truly heard, the horse reveals his transformational power of communication and healing. They led me to start exploring the question: what if horses are a doorway to our own freedom...?

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